About Different Than Fitness

“Some workouts are greater than…

Some workouts are less than…

and some workouts are DIFFERENT THAN.”

-Diamond Dallas Page


Don’t let the word “yoga” fool you. My preferred workouts always included boxing gloves, heavy bags, weights, and some old-school calisthenics. I had tried “regular” yoga and was unimpressed. I never broke a sweat or saw the benefits. That was until a co-worker introduced me to DDP Yoga. It was created by former pro-wrestler & WWE Hall of Famer – turned fitness guru, Diamond Dallas Page. In his previous life, he took every hit imaginable. From one by a car, at age 12, to the ones that would result in ruptured L4 & L5 spinal discs in his 40’s, these hits ran the gamut. Prior to that career-altering injury, he was certainly in the “yoga sucks” camp.

It all changed when he developed his own, uniquely blended, program that incorporates some familiar yoga poses, a faster tempo, dynamic resistance, and those calisthenics I mentioned earlier. This combination delivers a (for real) cardio workout that also tones muscle and increases flexibility…without those jumping or jarring motions which negatively impact joints.

Even better, there are modifications for all of the moves and they accommodate any age or fitness level. So…no excuses.

Adding instructor lead DDPY sessions are the perfect compliment to your DDPY Now program or any workout regime. For additional information and scheduling, please contact me.

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